Motherhood is my spiritual practice.

Brooke Lichtentstein, Founder of Breath + Her and Feminine Breath Method


Brooke Lichentstein, Founder of Breath + Her

I am mother. A mother not only to my kids and my work but to the little girl within me.
Motherhood is my spiritual practice. I get to share it with my kids and with the magical child inside.
I am a mindfulness and breathwork guide for mothers and practice being present in all of my little,
big moments with my children. I am all of the elements, the trees, the dirt, and the sky.
I am a short order cook for my short people at home. I am all of it and none of it. I am Mother.



What was the turning point in your life, that you knew you needed to make a shift?

Having my first child was an initiation into deep love and surrender. I knew I needed to make
a shift on the day he was born. There was no more room for my “one-foot out” pattern. I decided that
I would be PRESENT… that I would fully show up and breathe into our moments together
EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is the true calling of Motherhood…Being here now.



What tools do you use when you are triggered?

I use the breath. Ten deep breaths  can transform any state of being. Like a newborn taking
her first breath, I bring in a new energy with my inhale and like our very last breath,
I exhale and let what needs to die…die.

I’m a mother and I spend a lot of my time making sure my children feel deeply seen
and heard. When I get triggered, I go straight for the child within me. I check in with the little me
and hear her. This self-mothering….this profound love practice has created more freedom
for me than I’ve ever experienced.