The pause. Reminding myself that whatever the situation, that I am ok right now.
Breathing into that knowingness.

Elizabeth Antonia, Founder of The Littlest and Early Riser Companion


What has shifted in your life since sitting in women’s circles?

I am very much guided by the Ram Dass quote “We’re all just walking each other home.”
We all spend so much time living in this outer world, that taking time for self-reflection, meditation,
women’s circles is a coming home of sorts.My life experience has shown me what it’s like
to show up and to not run away from discomfort. I am naturally very shy so it still surprises me
that I am up sharing the way I do. Women’s circles contain the hearts of many knowing,
beautiful humans who are walking the path along side you. It’s a sacred space where judgment
cannot enter. There is power in singing together, crying together, moving and laughing together.
Sharing in sisterhood. Sisterhood is coming home.



What called you to your work at WMN?

I know how isolating motherhood can be and how important it is to have a safe space to unpack
all that ends up filling our day. Social media can be such a useful tool for connection but can also
pull us out of alignment when we start to layer on the stories of other women instead of focusing
on who WE are and how WE contribute. Nothing compares to showing up to a circle.
A warm, supportive place to share our dreams, our tears, to sing, and to nurture each other.
Serving these sisters is heaven on earth for me. 



When and how are you willing to be Vulnerable?

How do you show up in your daily life in Authenticity? I have a morning practice.
Every day as I’m slowly waking, I let the sounds and sensations of the day flow in around me.
I am warm and I am safe. I hear my girls in the other room, the birds outside. Life will never be
like this again. The way it is during this one singular day in my life. Right now, I’m on this planet
and can go out and serve in my own unique way. I do a body scan and breathe into areas of
discomfort if there are any. And then I plant my feet on the ground and greet the day.



What tools do you use when you are triggered?

The pause. Reminding myself that whatever the situation, that I am ok right now.
Breathing into that knowingness. Feelings have a life cycle of about 90 seconds they say
and just trying to separate myself from them and just watch and notice is a powerful tool.
Lifting the veil of reactivity is tricky and takes constant attention and practice, but it’s worth it.


photo credits: Jamie Arrigo (@jamiearrigo)