I am filled with fire to change the face of women’s health.

Kimberly Johnson, Vaginapractor, Author The Fourth Trimester


Hi, I’m Kimberly. The red hair is a fair warning. I am filled with fire to change the face
of women’s health. I am a single mom to a radiant half-Brazilian 10-year-old daughter,
which is where this incarnation began. I got injured during her birth and had to figure out how
to put myself back together. Along the way, I realized that postpartum care is a big ol’ black hole
in women’s health care, and once I healed myself, I decided to fix that! I am a birth doula,
a Sexological Bodyworker, and Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution practitioner.
I also just wrote a book called The Fourth Trimester, so that I could help women prepare
for the postpartum experience- what is it? In my office, I help women recover from birth injuries,
birth trauma and restore sexual boundaries. I teach women about their amazing bodies from
the inside out. Yep! People call me a vaginapractor and a womb whisperer. Our vulvas and vaginas
have messages for us, lots of them, and it is my profound honor to help women unearth those
messages. It is a radical, revolutionary, personal, and political act to live
in harmony with our female bodies.



What called you to work at WMN?

Relationships are what called me to work at WMN SPACE. In my life, friends are my food.
I choose time with dear friends over almost anything else. I met Paula through a friend,
and when she invited me to lead circle when WMN was still in her house, I was thrilled. I loved
the integrity of the circle, the curiosity and depth of the women in the circle, and Paula herself.
When she invited me to be a part of her new vision, I was a “hell, yes.” The medicine the world
needs now is for women to sit in circle together. Our culture values productivity, speed, fast results,
and image. Sitting in circle requires slowing down, silence, and inner listening. My life’s mission
is to help women find their full sexual expression as well as their voice to use it.
WMNSpace provides all kinds of different opportunities for women to connect to themselves
and each other, to see themselves through different lenses. A counsel of wise women is what
every women needs especially during life transitions and rites of passages, which are happening
in increasing frequency!



When and how are you willing to be vulnerable/ authentic?

Unlike a lot of client/ practitioner relationships, I find that my work requires skillful transparency.
Sharing my own story, my struggles and difficulties with sexual boundaries, becoming a mother
and healing from birth is the foundation of my ability to help women. Most women come to me
because they know I have been through some of what they are going through. They want to know
that “yes I had a prolapse” and “yes I am completely healed without surgery.” “Yes I was sexually
assaulted, and yes I have full access to my sexual expression.” My story provides the medicine
of hope and strength that they need. What we are told in most “spiritual” environments is to get past
our story. That has its place too. But when working with women in their most intimate spaces,
allowing myself to be together with women in their experience is critical to the healing. So I share
parts of my story and my life. I cry with my clients.  I take risks. In short, I offer and model for them
what I am asking for them to do- to bear some of the most unexposed, precious and vulnerable
places inside of them. I arrive to them as a soul friend and a witness, rather than a problem-solver
or authority. It’s not easy to practice this way, but it is a profound honor for women to trust me with
the most intimate part of their bodies. In doing so, my vow to is my own transparency, authenticity
and vulnerability. Bodies feel other bodies. Nervous systems feel other nervous systems.
I can only take someone where I have gone myself. Their system will feel any incoherence in
my system. This is the new paradigm of healing. Gone are the days are “I am the professional
with the answers. I know what’s best for you.” What I have learned is that most people want
to establish trust before they will be vulnerable, but it is really the other way around.
If you want to develop trust, reveal yourself, little by little.