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My perception that success is about professional achievement vs personal peace and happiness.  I am prioritizing taking care of myself more than I ever have before.

Julie Bernier, Founder True Ayurveda

Julie Bernier, Founder of True Ayurveda I’m lucky enough to have been teaching ayurvedic self care at WMNSpace since the first day they opened their doors. Every single time I teach or sit in circle as a student I am in absolute awe of the vulnerability that women embrace in this sanctuary—opening their hearts to

Zabie Yamasaki, Founder of Transcending Trauma Through Yoga

Being open and sharing authentically has undoubtedly helped me keep my hope alive.

Hayley Wood, Therapeutic Skin Coach

Helping others find their self-worth by guiding them to use their intuition for the skin is my greatest purpose in life.

Tara Curran, Founder of Skin Food Talk

Taking the time to be amongst other women, learning and sharing my experiences has really helped me grow.

Kimberly Johnson, Vaginapractor, Author The Fourth Trimester

I am filled with fire to change the face of women’s health.

Elizabeth Antonia, Founder of The Littlest and Early Riser Companion

The pause. Reminding myself that whatever the situation, that I am ok right now.
Breathing into that knowingness.

Allison Heutsche, Founder ArtAsan Jewelry

Me in my most natural state. Most days hair up, no makeup and just being myself.

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